Monday, 8 June 2015

Film Review - Cannes International Film Festival 2015.

My first Cannes Film Festival attendance was Incredible. The exposure is quite amazing. It is indeed an elegant and sophisticated soiree. Two weeks of pure splendor. I did quite a few things but I think the most significant was seeing films that made their worldwide premiere. I went to two red carpet premieres. These are the films I saw and one's I wish I had the opportunity to have seen. 

Directed by Matteo Garrone, Tale of Tales is a fantastical story of folklore. Three Separate tales

Inter-woven in a world of Kings and Queens. A Queen obsessed with her son, A King who lusts after two mysterious sisters and a King who develops a secret relationship with a strange creature. This film is not for everyone. Dubbed a horror-fantasy it has some disturbing scenes however it is a visual masterpiece. I love fantasy, mystery and charm so it was pure delight seeing it. When it makes its national release in South Africa I will go see it again. A definite favorite. Starring Salma Hayek, Vincent Cassel and Toby Jones, their performance was good but I have to say I was highly entertained by Vincent Cassel as the sex hungry king. Tale of Tales is a winner. 

Salma Hayek
Director Matteo Garrone


I did my first Red Carpet walk for this film so by that it will always have a special place in my heart. Irrational Man by Woody Allen starring Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone tells a story of a tormented philosophy professor who has a relationship with one of his students and he commits an act that he justifies as making the world a better place. I enjoyed the film but was surprised by the length, its 96 minutes long. I walked out feeling that it could've gone longer but it was so straight to the point that additional writing would've been futile. Any Woody Allen fan would be happy to see this. His style is simple and uncluttered, another Allen classic. 

Cannes Photo call


Natalie Portman makes her debut as Director for A Tale of Love and Darkness based on the memoir of  Amos Oz as he chronicles his childhood in Jerusalem. Portman plays the role of Amos's mother. Three points that I appreciated about the film; One, the language spoken is in Hebrew. I am Impressed that during the adaptation of the book, the filmmakers decided to stick to the language, it could've easily be spoken in English but that was not the case, I think that is what makes it unique. Secondly, the moments when the film breaks away from reality and into a world of surrealism, I enjoyed the stories within the story. Thirdly Natalie Portman as a director does a great job. I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future. 


Directed by Amy Berg An Open Secret is an investigative look into child molestation in Hollywood. The title could not have been better. It is not easy to sit through, some may cry, others may leave the cinema angry and there probably could be walk out's during the film, there were a few when I was in the theater. Some people may not be ready to see this story told in a brutally honest manner. I was taken aback that many of the accused offenders continue to work in the Industry creating and producing child friendly material. It is a multi-million dollar industry with a vicious cycle. The documentary does such a good job at showing the deep layers of the industry that it gets overwhelming for the viewer which I think is such a great catalyst for more investigation and hopefully action to further secure children's rights.  



The film was shot in various places including South Africa in 2012-2013. I was working an Internship in the company that was co-producing it, Moonlighting films. I remember being on set, at the Cape Town film studios. So it came full circle for me being at Cannes the same time of its release.


The Amy Winehouse Documentary. I really wish I had seen it. I am so impatient for this one. Quite a few musician showed up for this premiere, Yasiin Bey, Zoe Kravitz and Emelie Sande to name a few I saw them at Red Carpet. 


A childhood classic.

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