Sunday, 1 November 2015

Shnit International Short Film Festival 2015 - Closing Night.

Attending Shnit International Short Film Festival is always a delight. Nothing Inspires me more than short films. I went to the closing night on 11th October 2015. The Parcel by Hayden Phipps & Brett Williams was the opening film and took The Made in South Africa Audience Award. One of the guys during their acceptance speech said that film-making was a hobby for him, I was thinking it was funny he would say something like that in a room full of passionate filmmakers. Windstil took the Made in South Africa Jury prize. The film competed against Zamo Mkwanazi's The Call and Simon Wood's Orbis, I sat through the Orbis wondering if I was the only one who had no clue what was going on, I then concluded that it was an experimental. Windstil which starred Morne Visser highlights issues within homes that suffer tragedies because of guns, a weapon that is meant to protect the family turns to be the one that kills. The evening was a resounding success, I look forward to next year's event. Be sure to see the South African films.   

Brett Williams _ Hayden Phipps - The Parcel (1).jpeg
The Parcel by Hayden Phipps & Brett Williams.

Let's take it back...
Aaah the memories. This is  me at Shnit 2013. I adore this Image so much, old school cool. This picture reminds me of my walk in this Industry. I am reminded to keep on going. Love what you do :)!  

Shnit website.

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