Wednesday, 26 August 2015

'What is your name?'- A Poem In Honour To Women's Month.


What is your name?

I wish they knew you.
I wish they knew who you are wholly.
Every day they see you
But they miss your glory.
They call you a bitch a slut and a whore but that is not
Your name.

What is your name?
You have walked this earth since the birth of time.
You have seen the stars in the sky.

Sometimes they mistreat you,
Hurt you, violate you
And abuse you.
But you pray,
‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do.’

They say they rule the world but what they don’t know
Without you they wouldn’t have a world.
Their destiny is in the palm of your hands.
Their legacy lay on the soles of your feet.
Their history is arched on your back
And their future remains in your womb.

So what is your name?
Women is your name
Love is your trade
Grace is your light
Beauty is your inheritance
Forgiveness is your path
And eternity is your birth right.

To be a Woman is to be the light of this world.
To be a Mother is to be the centre.   
To be a Daughter is to honour.       
And To be a Lover is to be yours forever.  

May they know your name
May they love your name
May they respect your name
And when they say WOMAN
May they remember there would be no Man.

By Nthabiseng Mosieane.