Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Henrietta With Love - The 8th Women's Humanity Arts Festival.

The 8th Women’s Humanity Arts Festival headed by Marlene Le Roux took place from the 6-9 August in Arts Cape, Cape TownIt forms part of Women’s month, a month of empowerment, upliftment and support to all females that should carry on throughout the year anyhow. I attended a one women play called Henrietta with Love, new work written by Peter Voges for Lee Ann Van-Rooi who did justice to the character Henrietta in an electrifying emotional performance.

The play being a monologue requires a certain kind of audience. I confess that I might of judged it once I realized it was a one woman act, I have since adjusted my attitude. I had to keep my concentration on point though throughout the play and prevent my mind from wandering off. A live theater and cinema theater are so different, there are no bright lights and loud sounds, no popcorn and soda drinks in a live show. The world of live theater is amazing; small, intimate, clean and crisp. You as the audience (and I am careful not to use the word viewer) are part of the story, there is eye contact, you connect. It is quite something. Henrietta with Love is reminiscent story of love, war, pain and growth. We watch Henrietta speak of her life experience throughout the old and new Cape Town.

Writer Peter Voges and Lee-Ann. 

To acknowledge Lee Ann Van Rooi. She took my breath my away. The whole time as I was sitting I kept thinking in my head, how is she able to memorize all her lines? Its fascinating watching someone be someone else and maintain that person in a room full of people and walk away having convinced us for that hour she was Henrietta. That is art and I respect that. She loves her work and when you love something your passion for it flows out of you naturally. Hard work and consistency. I congratulate Lee-Ann and wherever the play shall go it will be a sure success.


Spotted Ms. Mamphela Ramphele.

Served up some soup for the soul.

Juanita Swanepoel on the right.

Vicky Simpson who was the voice coach for Henrietta with Love celebrated her birthday on the evening.

                                                              Happy Women’s month to ALL the Beautiful Girls.   

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